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High-Quality Chairs for Restaurants & Bars

Nufurn offers a wide collection of chairs for restaurants, clubs and bars. Choose from stylish barstools and ottomans that will enhance your venue's décor. Whether you're looking for a splash of color or something a bit more understated that blends easily with your interior, Nufurn has what you need.

Bello Barstool

Bilbao Barstool

Bar Uno Barstool

Boston Barstool

Cadorna Barstool

Cayman Barstool

Classic Gaming

Cocktail Barstool

Como Barstool

Cottesloe Barstool


Crown Barstool

Dublin Barstool

Dublin Arm Barstool

Full House Barstool

Joe Barstool


Liberty Barstool

Messina Barstool

Minnie Barstool

Pascal Barstool

Quattro High Barstool


Quattro Low Barstool

Royal Barstool

Saville Barstool

Savona Barstool

Sanova Low Barstool


Sydney Barstool

Verona Barstool

Verve Barstool



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